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Creating the Best Classifieds Ads to Sell Your Used Car

by recycler on January 17, 2013

Sell it!

The difference between having people looking at your used car classified ad and actually buying your car can be as simple as creating a better listing.

When selling your used car, you have to advertise it correctly. There are several ways to advertise a used car, but we’re going to focus our insight on creating the best, dynamic classified car ads.

Short and Sweet:

Classified ads are best when they are a quick read. No one wants to take an hour or even five minutes reading a full description of every single detail and feature the car has. You are going to be limited in how much room/characters you actually have in every print advertisement, but the same principle should be applied even if you have unlimited space online.

Keep the ad short and to the point. Be concise while touching on all the important information. Write about what will get buyers interested without misleading them. You can always discuss the spark plug brand after initial contact. Leave the specifics for later.

Always a Pro:

No one wants to deal with someone that is going to jerk them around in circles. That’s an amateur move. So make sure your ad gives a professional appearance. Spell everything correctly. Don’t use uncommon abbreviations. And please, please, please don’t use a ton of exclamation points. That’s a definite amateur move.

Everyone Understands:

Quite possibly the most important aspect of a good classified car ad is clarity. You want any potential buyer to be able to read your ad quickly and easily. Just include the most important information. Try to write the ad so it answers all the questions a buyer will want to ask without describing every little detail. Clearly state the year/make/model, the mileage, and the condition.

After you have clearly stated all the need-to-know features, you can then decide on extra features that might better sell the vehicle. Some examples include: color, drivetrain, doors, trim, interior color/fabric, and any customizations or work done to the car.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words:

Visual, visual, visual. Words only go so far. Pictures give a more accurate portrayal. Make sure to give the car a nice wash and wax. Take a picture on a bright, sunny day and in a parking lot or large area where you won’t have shadows. You want the car to look great and shadows can sometimes look like structural or paint damage.

You Can Reach Me At…:

This is obvious, but you would be surprised how often it gets overlooked. Make sure your ad contains contact information so buyers have a way to reach you. The best ad in the world is no good if buyers can’t get in touch.



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