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Email Alerts Are All New at recycler.com

by recycler on July 14, 2010

What’s New:

Here at recycler.com we are dedicated to making your classified experience as easy, as quick, and as profitable as possible…and we just made it easier, quicker, and profitable…er, with the brand new Saved Search Email Alert feature.

You have always been able to save your searches for later review, but now you can actually have new results matching your Saved Search specific criteria emailed to you ever week. Instead of mulling through thousands of ads, taking up valuable time, you can sit back and let recycler.com do all the work, sending you email alerts containing everything you are looking for, down to the last detail

How it Works:

When you are doing a search and are not completely satisfied with the results or want to keep updated on new results, simply click on the “Save Your Search” link located to the right of the results. You will then be able to name the search and create an email alert, which will send the results directly to your inbox every Sunday morning or every other Sunday morning. It’s up to you!

You must be a registered member of recycler.com and you must be signed in to save a search because the search gets saved directly to your account. If you are not signed in, the site will ask you to when trying to save the search. After you are signed in and save the search, it will appear in your account under the Saved Searches heading and you also begin receiving weekly or bi-weekly updates (depending on your preference) starting on the first Sunday after saving the search. Plus, you can save as many searches as you want!

Now just kick back and let recycler.com deliver results straight to your door!

Stopping or changing frequency of Alerts:

If you want to change the frequency of the email alerts or if you want to stop them completely, there is a link at the bottom of the emails we send that will help you modify the alert.

You can also sign into your account and then go to Saved Searches to edit the frequency or name of the saved search. Clicking on the small “Edit” link will allow you to modify the Saved Search Alert. Finally, you can also delete the alert to stop alerts from coming to your inbox.



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