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Leveraging Social Media to Sell Your Items

by recycler on April 8, 2013

Have to sell something, even your car? Leverage your friends through social media.

When you are trying to sell something through classifieds ads, the wider your audience, the more opportunity you are going to have that someone is going to see your listing and have to have whatever you have available whether it is a peanut butter sandwich that looks like Jesus or a brand new Ford Mustang.

Selling through classifieds ads is all about the product you are offering and getting it in front of the right eyes. At recycler.com, we provide you with both online and print exposure, but you can do even more on your own to make sure the item sells.

You will get more potential customers if you have better exposure and you can get better exposure if you use social media properly. Using social media can bring you a whole new audience of potential buyers.

While you might think you’ve already told all your close friends about your grand piano, if you can get a couple of friends to share it on their social media pages, your reach of potential audience suddenly grows exponentially. Even if you are really good friends with someone, you still have some different Facebook friends and Twitter followers, so this will spread the item you’re trying to sell to an even wider audience.

The more your item is spread…the more exposure it will get. And the more exposure…the more potential customers.

Facebook is the most obvious way to get your item spread to a wider audience since seemingly 97 percent of Americans have a Facebook page, including your grandfather who doesn’t even know how to use a computer. Use Facebook’s tagging feature to make sure certain friends see your posts. Getting rid of an instrument and know some musicians? Make sure they see what you are trying to sell by tagging them. Even if they don’t/can’t buy the item, they might have other musician friends that will see the post on your friend’s Facebook wall after you have tagged them.

Know musicians? Direct them to the guitar you need to sell.

There are also several other sites that will have varied audiences that you should explore taking advantage of. For example, if you are trying to sell something related to your occupation, whether that be a video recorder for a journalist, grooming supplies for a pet sitter or a Craftsman toolbox for a mechanic, use LinkedIn where you have already built a network of people in a similar industry.

If you know a prominent Twitterer that has thousands of followers, inquire about getting a ReTweet from them so that all of his/her followers see the item you have available.

Tailor your postings for each site. If you are using Pinterest or Instagram, make sure you use  a really good photo. Don’t be afraid to drop an Instagram filter onto your photo to make it look that much better. And spread the wealth. Use Google+. Link your recycler.com listing on reddit. Post a link on myspace.

Sometimes posting things to multiple social media networks can take a lot of time, but recycler.com takes some of that trouble away.

We make sharing, pinning, tweeting, etc. your items to your profile simple. Underneath your recycler.com ad title, you will see there are four buttons to make it easy for you to share your listing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can quickly disperse your listing to all your friends and followers on these four sites with a couple of clicks.

And as long as you are only sharing a few of your best recycler.com listings at a time, your friends aren’t going to feel like you are spamming them and are likely to help you out by sharing on their own pages, especially if you ask them nicely. :)

Use a call of action in your Facebook post or Tweet that asks your friends to help you out. I mean they are your friends, right? They are likely going to be intrigued to see what you are selling.

You’ve got a built-in audience already…use it! You’ll get to do business with someone you already know and get to help them find something he/she needs. And all from taking advantage of the social media buttons that are readily available right on your listings, how easy!



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