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Louie’s Holiday Wish: A Loving Home

by Kathryne on November 30, 2016



Meet Louie!


Born February 27, 2016, King Louis, AKA “Louie,” is one of the sweetest
kitties you’ll ever meet. He’s also one of the most adorable! This young kitty is solid black with big, green eyes that pierce in stark condownloadtrast with his sleek coat. He’s also small in stature and will more than likely be smaller into adulthood as well. But personality is the icing on the cake with any pet, and rest assured Louie has plenty of it to go around.

If  you are th239662555e kind of person who loves a little helper following you around and keeping you company, Louie is your boy! He likes to crawl under covers and is very
helpful when sheets are being changed on a bed, likes to help you read the newspaper, likes to accompany you to the bathroom and then help wash your hands, and is pretty much game to be there to help you tackle all of your daily chores. As you can tell, he is handy to have around!
He is extremely active and needs some space to tear around in. Also, having a truly loving nature he loves hanging with his human as well as with a kitty companion, so he would do very well in a home that can provide a good stomping ground and companionship. While he is a little shy at first with strangers, he warms up quickly with soft-spoken people. And don’t forget the brushing! This is a cat who understands the value of a good spa treatment and absolutely loves to be brushed. If you or  your family enjoy having a cat on your lap every night, then you are exactly the kind of home this sweet boy would thrive in.

Just for a little snippet into a typical, Luoie-style pay session, check out this video of him playing with some of his friends!



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