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Mobile Credit Card Payment Can Be An Option

by recycler on December 11, 2012

Square’s simple mobile credit card reader (Photo: Hugger Industries/Foter/CC BY-NC-SA)

Carrying cash is slowly becoming obsolete.

Personally, I almost never have cash. I try to always get $10 or $20 cash back when I go to the grocery store or to a retail store, but somehow I never have more than one or two George Washington’s hiding out in my wallet.

Generally, it isn’t a big deal. If I go to a restaurant or a store, they all except debit and credit cards. However, I occasionally go to small doughnut shops, farmers markets and other small vendors that previously only accepted cash. But the times are changing.

Smaller merchants now have the option to use iPhone or Android apps to accept credit and debit card transactions. With the usage of dongle card swipers that plug into mobile phone and tablet external headphone jacks, vendors are able to accept the plastics along with cash, giving their consumers more payment options and opening themselves up to more sales.

I’ve bought cupcakes, t-shirts, donated to a charity and purchased several food truck meals using the mobile card swipers.

You can use the same technology to expand your business on recycler.com. If you are selling items through our classifieds listings, you can let your buyers know credit and debit cards are an option to make yourself a more convenient seller.

After a price and location are agreed upon for a local transaction, the buyer can swipe their card on your mobile payment device that is often provided by the apps. From there, the person signs his/her name using the phone’s touchscreen and a receipt is emailed to both parties.

It’s a great tool that works great for both parties. Consider using it to help improve your recycler.com sales.

Here is a list of some of the top apps/swipers: 11 Credit Card Apps, Swipers for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry



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