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Online Selling Can Generate Extra Income

by recycler on January 5, 2013

Turn your clutter into cash.

With the economy still working its way back, everyone could use a little extra income these days. Taking on a second job is rarely the solution for someone looking for a couple extra bucks. Using online classifieds, on the other hand, is something everyone can do.

We all accumulate way too much stuff. Christmas and birthday parties often means a handful of gifts that we may use a couple of times, if at all.

My father has a collection of kitchen tools and appliances that he has requested for presents in the past. Most of them have yet to be removed from the box.

One Christmas he was given three waffle makers. He made waffles twice with one of them and has yet to use either of the other two. He claims that he’ll use it when people come over for breakfast (no one ever comes over for breakfast). My father also refuses to get rid of his two unused waffle makers.

Don’t be like my dad. If you have something laying around the apartment or house that you don’t need or don’t use, don’t hoard it. Instead, use online classifieds to sell the excess items you have.

At recycler.com, we provide a simple, straight-forward listing process that will allow you to get your items posted in barely no time. Since online buying continues to be the more and more prevalent weapon of choice for shoppers, you should consider doing your spring cleaning a little early. Clear out that excess clutter and makes some money in the process.




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