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How to Place Local Classifieds

by recycler on March 4, 2013

Make your ad attractive to buyers.

Selling your used stuff with local classifieds ads is usually pretty simple. People have been doing it for years, all the way back to when public notices were scribbled on paper or leaves and tacked to churches and in gathering places.  That evolved into newspaper classifieds at the beginning of the 18th century and more recently, in the last 20 years, went to the internet with online classifieds.

But how exactly do you place an effective ad?

Whether it is tacked to a 15th century wooden church door, in a rebel paper during the Revolutionary War or on recycler.com today, there are keys to ads that grab attention and sell the product being offered.

The best local classifieds ads are first and foremost written clearly and succinctly. A strong, eye-catching title is also important to gather an audience and make your classifieds stand out.

You don’t want a bunch of abbreviating that makes people have to worry about breaking down a secret abbreviation code. Potential buyers aren’t going to take the time to decipher a message.

In the same context, excessive use of punctuation is a definite no-no (the exclamation point probably shouldn’t even be used).

Once you’ve written out the ad, touched it up to make it look perfect, be sure to spread your ad to reach the broadest audience. Post your item in all the local classifieds ads publications you can, online and in print — especially any that are free. The more people your ad the better chances of a sale.

Also, if it is allowed, the importance of including a photo cannot be stressed enough. You may be Shakespeare with your words, but a picture is comprehended that much quicker. Therefore a picture can help sell your item whether it’s a dog, cat, car, guitar, Space Needle full-scale replica or whatever that much quicker!

If placed correctly, local classifieds ads are the easiest way to turn unused stuff around your house or stuff that is just taking up space into profit.



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