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Provide Halloween Services on recycler.com

by recycler on October 19, 2013

Reselling old costumes is one way to make money on recycler.com before Halloween.

Do you know how to sew? Are you a weekend DJ? What about an event planner, photographer or designer? Maybe you just have a leftover outfit from a themed party?

Halloween is the number two holiday in America in terms of spending. According to the National Retail Federation, national spending is supposed to reach $6.86 BILLION this year with the average person spending more than $70 on decorations, costumes and candy.

So why not get your cut of that $6.86 billion? Advertise your services on recycler.com and turn your talents or things you have laying around the house into income.

Here are some potential moneymakers:

Party Personnel – DJs, event planners, photographers, caterers, bartenders, etc. are all in high demand, especially in large cities. Halloween costume parties can draw huge crowds…and a huge payday for workers both in paycheck and tips. Place an ad on recycler.com broadcasting your services and then you can potentially schedule an entire extended weekend of work from Thursday to Monday with Halloween being on Monday this year.

Real Estate – Whether you are the owner of an open lot, an empty building or are trying to sell your house, you can use Halloween to your advantage. Open lot? Rent it out to an entrepreneur who will be able to sell pumpkins. Empty building? Rent it out to a temporary costume and decoration shop. A couple pop up in the month of Halloween in almost every small city. And if you are trying to sell your house, a night of trick-or-treaters is just another opportunity to show off just how nice the property is. Build some word-of-mouth traffic by keeping the “For Sale” sign out front and the house staged for all the parents that will be looking into your home as you drop Smarties and Starburst in their child’s bag.

Leftover costumes – Have you ever been to a college costume or themed party? Maybe someone gave you some skin-tight spandex as a gag gift. Do you really have any other use for a red cape and blue tights? List the costume on recycler.com and let someone else make it into a Superman outfit.

Jack-o-lanterns – Everyone loves a well carved jack-o-latern. They were always my favorite part of trick-or-treating. But creative designs can be difficult. Why not do the carving for people? Buy some synthetic, carvable pumpkins at a craft store (usually cheapest to stock up on for next year, the week after Halloween). Find some cool designs online or in a crafts book. Use the fact that the synthetic pumpkins are reusable as your selling point.

Costumes – If you know how to sew, you can potentially make your own costumes at home and then place them on recycler.com. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to go from scratch material or maybe you can find some cheap base outfits at a Goodwill store and then sew on extra fabrics, logos, insignia, etc. to make them into authentic-looking costumes. Princesses, vampires, ghosts and superheroes are popular outfits every year.

Restaurant/Bakery – If you work in or own a restaurant/bakery, stoke up interest by advertising on recycler.com about the special Halloween treats and specials you will have available during Halloween weekend. Pumpkin cheesecakes, cookies and cakes are always popular in the fall and you can add special decorations to other items that are normally on the menu. This is a great way for small, independent restaurants to bring in new customers.



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