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recycler Classifieds Now On Google+

by recycler on November 29, 2011

We are excited to announce that you can now stay connected with recycler Classifieds through Google+.

With the introduction of business pages on Google+, you can now keep up with recycler.com happenings, updates, interesting links and listings on Google+ as well as Facebook and Twitter.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a potential seller…

  • Potential buyers: According to a recent study, 95% of Americans are aware of social networks and 76% use them. Each one of those social network users is a potential buyer. They just have to see something they really want.
  • Another avenue: Every day we already promote a number of items that are listed on recycler.com through Facebook and Twitter. This will give your items yet another avenue to be seen by those potential buyers.
  • New audience: With the addition of every new social media site, there will always be some overlap. However, there will also always be a new wave of people that either don’t use other social media sites or may not have found you on other sites. Those new eyeballs could be the exact ones that you are trying to find.
  • Increased visibility: Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what posts/updates show up in someone’s News Feed on his/her Facebook home page. Google+ allows everything to show up. That means that when people put us in a circle they will always see our Google Plus posts in their stream. They won’t be hidden as often happens on Facebook.

If you are a potential buyer…

  • Interesting items: In the classifieds industry, you never know what someone will list. We will be updating our Google+ recycler page with items we find interesting, intriguing, weird, and/or awesome.
  • Compelling stories/links: If we run across interesting lists, stories, news articles, or other links that feature items that are routinely listed on recycler, we will be passing them along.
  • Games: In a continuation of what we already do on our Cars & Pets pages on Facebook, we will have small games such as trivia and our popular Guess the Model game we currently have on our recycler Cars Facebook page.
  • Contests: While Google+ currently prohibits any contests being run on its platform, we will definitely be keeping our Google+ followers in the loop on any and all contests that we have on our homepage or other social media networks.
  • Access to developers: We plan to use the Google+ Hangouts feature to have discussions between our recycler.com users and our developers, so you can help us make the site better for you and more user-friendly.



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