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recycler.com Gets Gallery Grid View

by recycler on September 24, 2013

Have you noticed something different here at recycler.com?

Do our listings look a little different?

gallery view

The new Gallery View.

We recently introduced the Gallery Grid View for a more visual representation of our classified ads listings.

Once you narrow down your search either through our search bar near the top of the page or through the clickable categories on the left-hand side, you will be taken to a results page that has been defaulted to the Gallery Grid View.

Your search results (up to 20 results per page) are aligned in a four-by-five grid pattern that should be much quicker for you to scan through items and visually  identify what you are looking.

You also have the option to toggle back and forth from Gallery Grid View and the traditional List View that you may be more familiar to you with just the click of a button as shown below.

list view

The traditional List View.

gallery view

The new Gallery Grid View

List View has not changed, so you will still be able to get location info and a small description of the item/listing as well as have the ability to click the “All my Ads” link to see all of a seller’s items together.

While the Gallery Grid View was designed for quicker, visual browsing of items, you still have the option to email and/or save an ad. When you hover over an item in List View, the save and email buttons become visible beneath the price.

With the Gallery Grid View, those buttons will always be present for your usage. You simply have to click on the heart to save an ad or the envelope to shoot someone an email.

The choice is yours. Just as some people are visual learners and some people learn better textually, you may enjoy a more visual online classifieds shopping experience. It’s up to you!

We hope this tool will help you search recycler.com easier and more efficiently. Let us know what you think of the new feature in the comments below.

Happy classified ads shopping!



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