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Save Time By Saving Your Search

by recycler on January 1, 2013

Searching for items on recycler.com is an easy and useful task. You will be able to find the items that you are interested in while also being able to save yourself time in the future.

On recycler.com, we have tried to make the site as user friendly as possible. Blaring across the top half of the recycler homepage is a search bar to help you find whatever you are looking for, whether that’s a new car or “more time” like we searched.

Across the top search bar, you can also choose the location to search and narrow it down to a certain category, if you’d like. Otherwise, the site will use your computer’s IP address and “All Categories” as the default settings. You can also narrow your search after your results have populated.

If you are looking for a big ticket item, you can narrow down the results by distance from you. Feel free to enter your zip code and the mile radius you’re willing to travel. You can also narrow the results down to Category or Sub-Category, which are directly below the location refinements. In parentheses, at the end of the Sub-Categories, you will see how many listings fit the search description in the specified location and radius.

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Decide you want to keep an eye on a particular search term (a good way to bargain shop)? If you already have a recycler account, you can “Save My Search.”

When you click “Save My Search on the righthand side of recycler.com, you will get a popup that allows you to name your search. You can also sign up for notification emails that will keep you up to date on your search for a 60-day period.

Even if you don’t get email notifications to remind you to check out the latest and greatest listings on recycler.com, the Saved Search feature will save you time. Instead of having to re-search and refine your search again, you can pull up your Saved Search by going into your recycler.com account and clicking on the “My Saved Searches” in the lefthand panel.

From here, you can view, edit or delete your Saved Searches so that you can quickly and easily customize your experience with recycler.



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