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Selling With Local Classified Ads

by recycler on July 30, 2013

Photo: VanDerFoto/Foter

Photo: VanDerFoto/Foter

Stop letting that clutter of stuff pile up. Every time you come back from a weekend vacation, you add to the clutter. It’s all great stuff, but you can’t keep everything. Go ahead and sell some of that accumulation you have around your house.

But instead of sitting in your rocking chair or porch swing wasting away an entire gorgeous weekend (when you could be out enjoying and exploring life) to only make $40 at a yard sale, try selling your stuff with local classified ads.

Unless it’s the 127-sale along Hwy 127 in Tennessee/Kentucky/Ohio, which is this weekend if you are interested in the world’s largest yard sale, your po-dunk-four-blankets-spread-on-your-front-lawn-yard-sale is never going to reach as many people as local classified ads will enable you to reach.

This also keeps you from just throwing out all your old stuff and not get anything in return because if you are someone who hates to waste anything like me, that just isn’t an option. Instead, with a little effort you can make some money by selling your stuff with local classified ads.

You can potentially use multiple local classified ad sections in various hometown newspapers or magazines, but you can really increase your ability to rid yourself of the clutter around your home and enhance your chances of selling bigger items (cars, boats, electronics, etc.) by using both print and online local classified ads.

That’s where Recycler Classifieds and recycler.com come in as a dynamic duo that will help you sell your stuff and make some money. Heck…you might make enough to buy yourself from the local classified ads that you have been eying recently.

Here’s a quick primer from a previous Spring Cleaning recycler blog post on how easy it is to place ads with us:

Placing an ad with Recycler Classifieds and recycler.com is quick and as easy as 1-2-3.

• SELECT AD PACKAGE: After clicking Place an Ad, we offer several different packages to help sell your items. Depending on your location and what publications we have in that particular area of the country, you have a variety of print and online ad options.

There are basic ads for both print and online publication that are FREE or you can go with any of our enhanced ad packages that let you add more photos and longer descriptions that will help make your item more desirable to potential customers.

• CREATE YOUR AD AND UPLOAD PHOTOS: This is where you describe all the great things about whatever you no longer need. Need help? Here’s a post with 11 tips we wrote previously to help you get the most out of your listing using pictures, topical keywords, promoting with social media, etc.

• PREVIEW AND CONFIRM: Once your ad is created, you can preview how it will look and make any changes you need before submitting. Once your ad goes live, it will be visible on recycler.com, which has been viewed more than 80 million times in the last year!



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