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Don’t Stand in Line…Do Your Holiday Shopping Online

by recycler on December 15, 2011

Save time...buy online. (Creative Commons via Flickr user tshein)

There are items strewn all over the place. Nothing is in the right place. You find a hunter’s reflective vest in the toiletries section. Someone has placed a bag of baker’s chocolate perfectly balanced on a hook where packs of socks normally hang.

We’ve all been there. Whether you just wanted to grab a tube of toothpaste or were trying to buy every single item on your holiday shopping list, you’ve wandered into a department store or a shopping mall only to be overwhelmed by the chaos of everyone doing their holiday shopping.

But it doesn’t just start there. Oh no…first you have to navigate one of Dante’s levels of hell just to get through traffic and then actually find a parking spot in the same zip code.

You finally get into the store, but let’s hope you don’t have a question or need assistance with anything. If so, you might as well drop to a knee and start Tebowing and hope to drag enough attention to yourself that a worker comes over to check on you.

Workers are spread so thin trying to take care of the influx of customers and attempting to straighten up around the store that getting quick service is more of a dream than a reality. If you are able to wade through the deluge of messy aisles and scattered merchandise, then comes the wait…

No one likes waiting in line. There’s a reason why no matter where a Kindergarten class is going, the kids all race to line up. When we were kids, we realized how bad lines are and tried to figure out a way to guarantee we would be near the front or some way to slip in unnoticed (though no one likes a line cut-sy).

Standing in line after doing holiday shopping seems like it always takes an eternity. In reality, depending on what store and what time of day you shop, you will probably have to wait 15-45 minutes. That doesn’t sound too egregious until you have been waiting 10 minutes and you can’t figure out why only one person has actually been checked out.

Just think of what you could do with that extra time? You could begin baking cookies, decorate a Christmas tree or sing dozens of carols. If you’re like me, you could even wrap like three of those presents you’re buying. (I’m a notably bad gift wrapper, by the way.)

Instead of all that time wasted in the store, why not save the time and just hit up the world wide web? You can instantly compare prices. You can check for different colors or designs.

You can AVOID any and all lines!!! That should be enough in and of itself.

And on recycler.com, you can find almost everything you want and you can often find some incredible deals. So this year…skip the lines. Just shop online.



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