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Tap Into Halloween Spending

by recycler on October 12, 2012

Make some money using recycler.com this Halloween.

This year, the National Retail Foundation (NRF) is predicting that a record 170 million people will celebrate Halloween — 71.5 percent of Americans will be donning costumes or handing out candy. Last year, that number was 68.6 percent.

The NRF is also expecting spending to reach around $8 billion with the average person spending nearly $80 — up from $72 last year — on decorations, costumes and candy.

So take advantage!! Advertise your services or products on recycler.com with a Halloween theme. Show buyers how your service/product can be used to enhance their ghoulish holiday experience.

Can you come up with a unique hair design that will be perfect for all this year’s zombies? Provide driving services for party goers? You could always find Halloween parties to show off your bartending skills or build and sell decorated wood coffins.

Don’t think you have any Halloween-usable talents? Then search through the back of the closet. You’re bound to have an extra costume or two that you’ve worn over the years at previous costume or themed parties. Post them on recycler.com and make some money while helping yourself clear some clutter from the back of the closet.

There’s no reason you can’t tap into that $8 billion that is going to be spent on Halloween. If you need some ideas besides selling costumes or doing hair and makeup, check out our ideas for potential Halloween services you could provide.



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