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The Telling Signs of a Bad Deal

by recycler on October 6, 2012

Use caution before buying.

We want you to have a great buying and selling experience when you use recycler.com. Using our classified listings is a great way to find fantastic deals for amazing items.

Unfortunately, as is the nature of classifieds, we can’t be there to oversee every transaction. And like any deal you ever make, you always want to protect yourself.

To help you protect yourself, here’s a short list of telling signs of a potential bad deal (to go along with our Safety and Fraud Prevention Center):

Only Electronic Communication – It is much easier to be deceptive online than in person or even on the phone. Try to talk to the seller over the phone at least once. You can usually get a better idea about the person selling to you if you can hear his/her voice. Plus, if you get the seller on the phone, you can ask more questions.

Low, Low Price – If it’s too good to be true…well it probably is. If a product is less expensive than other similar products, use caution. You should always do some research on anything that you are considering purchasing. Unless you’ve done your proper research, you may not realize you’re actually paying a steep price for a low quality item that may break down easily or has high maintenance costs.

Forcing Quick Decision -  Creating a sense of urgency is a great selling tactic, but if a seller is trying to force you into a decision, you should probably walk away. Don’t let a seller try to bully you into a decision until you are ready to make the choice.

Hem and Haw - If you think you are all set on a deal and suddenly the seller starts trying to renegotiate, especially if it is right before you plan to meet to make the exchange, take warning. Sellers that are constantly trying to get you for an extra couple of dollars aren’t worth the hassle of dealing with and are potentially trying to fraud you.

Strange Meeting Place – With classified listings, a face-to-face meeting is often part of the transaction so the buyer has the opportunity to check out the item before agreeing to purchase it. When meeting face-to-face, always take a friend with you and make sure to meet in a public place where you feel comfortable. No transaction is worth risking your personal health, so if you don’t feel comfortable in a place, feel free to leave and try to arrange a meeting in another place.

Split Payment – Don’t give a seller money up front. Have the entirety of the agreed upon cost and then pay them once you receive the item you are purchasing. Even if you are paying for services such as a DJ, don’t provide any upfront payment. Also, if anyone ever asks you to wire money, immediately let them know you can no longer do the deal. NEVER WIRE MONEY!!




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