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This brave little girl survived the 4th of July, now all she needs is a loving home

by Kathryne on July 6, 2017

For any experienced pet owner, the 4th of July can be a day of unbelievable stress for furry friends. While some of our furry friends can enjoy the fireworks display with us unphased, others endure a night of sheer terror. Jasmine — an elderly chihuahua mix — this holiday was especially harsh.

Jasmine 1

Yet unfortunately for Jasmine, the fireworks were the least of her problems this Independence Day. Jasmine was brought to a shelter on the 4th of July after teenagers had found her left to die on an old chair under a bypass off of the freeway. Jasmine is a senior and had somehow stumbled on to the path of an oncoming vehicle. While she was rushed to Newport Veterinary Hospital where the staff nursed her back to health, this poor baby has had a complete overhaul – dental and all.

This sweet girl has faced abandonment, being hit by a car, and extensive medical treatment, but she is a survivor. This is a dog who has earned her right to live out the rest of her days in the company of a caring, loving home and would make a great addition to a family who can giver her love and a quiet place for naps. Jasmine is a quiet yet adventurous senior, she loves a walk, to lay in the sun, or simply curl up on a bed and enjoy peace and quiet in her senior years.

Jasmine 2

Senior dogs tend to be overlooked in shelters because they are not as “cute” at first glance as a puppy or younger dog, but while their hair may be gray and their bodies old, senior dogs have a heart of gold. Jasmine is no exception.

To see Jasmine’s ad on the Recycler.com, please follow this link to Jasmine’s Ad, where you can find more information on where to find this little girl and how you can set up a meeting.



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