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What’s New At recycler.com

by recycler on January 18, 2012

With a new year comes new changes and things are no different here at recycler.com. Over the course of the last month, we’ve made some changes in design and functionality to try to make things better for both our buyers and our sellers.

To highlight some of the changes, we have put together a short video featuring our Product Manager, Peter. He’s here to show point out a couple of the features that are going to help you sell your items!

Changes featured in the video:

  • New ad detail page buttons – These new icons are more visible and will make it more likely that people will share your ad with their friends, either through a social networking site or email.
  • Paragraph breaks for ad descriptions – Though it is a relatively small change, paragraph breaks will help make your ad more easily readable.
  • “Manage My Ads” user interface – We have streamlined the “Manage My Ads” interface so that sellers can quickly manage several ads.
  • “Modify Ads” adjustments – We’ve made the ad modification page to more closely resemble the ad placement page and added the ability to check the publishing package you have purchased.



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