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Abner: the adventurer with a heart of gold

by Kathryne on August 13, 2016


If that face wasn’t enough to melt your heart alone, meeting Abner in person would probably seal the deal.

Abner is one of the sweetest boys you could ever meet! He is a collie and Great PyraneAbnerse mix and his age is about 2-3 years old. A social boy, he adores his people and lives to be petted and talked to. His current rescue has described him as one of the sweetest dogs that they had ever met. This is the kind of dog who would soak up all your love and adoration and return it back to you ten-fold.

In addition to being a large dog, Abner is a mixture of two breeds that love to have jobs. This means that he would make a fantastic addition to any family who loves to spend time being active. A busy bee, this boy would love a home where he can be free to roam and enjoy the great outdoors. He enjoys having the freedom of wide open spaces and can easily escape a kennel! He also loves to chase other animals, so he needs to be in an area where other small animals are not a temptation to him.

Both collies and Great Pyranees are dogs from the herding group. Highly intelligent, these dogs are often very trainable and make excellent protectors of their home. Like previously mentioned, they are very hard workers and very much enjoy keeping active. Great Pyranees, for instance, even have a reputation for being nocturnal!

Here’s a video from Dogs 101 if you’d like to learn more about the breed:


Abner is fully vetted and ready to find his forever home. If you are interested in making this lover a permanent member of your family, submitting an adoption application is the first step in the adoption process. For more details, please check out Abner’s ad for contact info and adoption questions.Abner3

Here is the link to check out Abner’s ad on the Recycler.com for more information!



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