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Hello, Humphrey! Meet the cat who is as happy as he is handsome

by Kathryne on June 10, 2016

Humphrey and his siblings were found abandoned at a low-income housing complex. A nice lady saw them and tried to keep the kittens, but ultimately she ended up needing to move. She called the Fat Cat Rescue where Humphrey has been residing ever since.

It’s easy to see he is a gorgeous boy, with a beautiful coat, and a nice ruff.  He is sweet, gentle, curious and friendly with other cats — he’s a lover, not a fighter!Humphrey3

Humphrey is also one of the most happy cats you’ll ever encounter, and will just walk around purring.  He also has a bit of a playful side and has done some pretty silly things in his various foster homes, like when his foster dad was out of the house, he unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom.  He had a grand time and had lots of fun, and trained the human (he learned quickly) to put the toilet paper roll out of reach.

At the adoption fairs you can find Humphrey purring away and making biscuits, which is his signature thing to do!Humphrey 2

He is neutered, house-trained and up to date with shots.

Humphrey is an indoor-only cat and would do best in a quiet home.

Find Humphrey’s ad on the Recycler.com here!



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