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Meet Rex, Roxie and Bastit: 3 Adoptable Dogs Ready to Find Homes

by Kathryne on January 13, 2017

The Recycler.com is home to many sweet, furry faces eager to meet their people they can love for the rest of their days. When you are looking for a pet, it is important to have an idea of the qualities you are looking for in a pet you will be sharing your home with for years to come. Are you an athlete looking for an adventure buddy? Are you older and would prefer an easy-going companion? Or perhaps you have a family and need a calm, patient animal that does well with other animals and children. Whatever the case, finding that perfect new addition to the family takes time and exploration to find the right fit.

Looking at ads for rescued pets online can be a wonderful tool in finding your next pet. A great benefit to looking for animals on the Recycler.com is that you can narrow down your search by finding plenty of adoptables in your area that have personality and behavior information on their pages. Save plenty of time finding your perfect match, and feel good about getting a complete search in your area, without having to commute to multiple rescues.

Rex, Roxie rexand Bastit are 3 adoptable dogs (of thousands) whose profiles are visible from our website.

This handsome boy to the left is Rex from Ojai, California. This boy arrived at the shelter at the beginning of December. He was very thin and unsure of his new surroundings, but quickly improved with the love and care from staff and volunteers. Rex is now looking and feeling great and ready for his forever home! The shelter he is at is still getting to know this charming guy and will keep everyone updated when they learn more.

To view Rex’s ad, click here.roxie



Roxie is a very sweet girl from West Covina, CA. She is a chihuahua mix who is smaller in stature for those with limited space or prefer smaller dogs. What makes Roxie unique is that she is a young dog with a very sweet dispostion. She loves other dogs and does really well with children! She would make a great addition to a family with kids, other pets, or for someone who sees themselves taking their social pup out to the park frequently.

To see Roxie’s page, click here.



Lastly we have Bastit, the stunning black and white beauty. A boxer – American Staffordshire Terrier mix, you can tell just from her photo that this girl is 100% athlete. Named after the ancient Egyptian cat, this sleek beauty will turn heads. Still young (approx. 2 years old) and is small for her breed but she is mighty in stature. She is full of energy and will bastitrequire someone who is familiar with the power breeds. Despite her high energy, Bastit is still very puppy-like and loves to play with toys. But her favorite thing in the entire world is cuddle in everyone’s lap. Bastit is a VERY VERY affectionate dog…as long as you don’t have a tail to wag or bark at her. She is very dog aggressive and cannot be adopted into a home with any existing dogs.

If you are an experienced owner who can provide Bastit with the environment she needs, you can see her ad here.




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