1974 Bronco Sport For Sale

by on November 15, 2018

It’s pretty safe to say that the Ford Bronco is becoming quickly one of the most sought after and collectible classic cars out there. This is definitely one of those cars where the demand is higher than the supply, so if you’ve been considering the idea of owning a Bronco of your own, don’t wait too long when you come across one for sale like this!

Make: Ford

Model: Bronco


Price: $29,950

Seller Description: 1974 FORD BRONCO SPORT 4X4, 302, extra orig engine, all LED lighting, CB/CD custom swing away tail gate, Lifted 3.5″, Quad shocked 4 core aluminum radiator, disc brakes, custom car cover fiberglass front fenders, 33″ tires, aluminum wheels Too much to list Serious inquiries only $29,950 obo

To learn more and discover where to direct inquiries, check out the ad on Recycler.com


What is the best complement to the active person’s lifestyle? Why, an adventure buddy! There is not much better when hiking or being outdoors than having a faithful companion every step of the way, to share those moments with and to motivate you every step of the way. The problem with human adventure buddies is that in today’s busy world, it can be a challenge to find another person whose schedule has similar availabilities as yours. That is what is so beautiful about having a dog… They have all the same openings in their schedule as you do, will do everything with 110% enthusiasm and are pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Finding the right dog who is compatible with the more serious athlete or frequent adventurer can be a little bit

more difficult, but one handsome boy named Tyson offers the perfect solution to that problem! Tyson is a one-and-a-half-year-old male husky with a sweet personality and an athletic build. He would make the ideal addition to any active home looking to include a furry companion on their day-to-day outings. As you can see from his photos, he is a very handsome and healthy boy, and would make a wonderful addition to a forever home. He has even had some recall training, meaning he has been trained to come when called.

It is important that Tyson be matched with an active household, as huskies are a breed of dog that was born to run and pull sleds for many miles through the snow. Although most huskies today live in a variety of environments as pets, their inherent need to move and be active is still very much a part of who they are. They are very sweet and loving dogs, are incredibly loyal, and will keep you laughing throughout your life.



If you think you might be interested in adopting this special boy, click below on the link to see Tyson’s page on www.Recycler.com to learn more about how to adopt!

Link to Tyson’s Page

If you want to know more about the breed, check out this quick and informative introductory videos on Siberian Huskies!



Winter weather may still be in effect, but spring is just around the corner! And with the transition from snow to blooms comes more playdays and seasonal changes for your pup. And just like us, different conditions call for different needs to be met. Many of our pets eat consistent diets of the same pet food day in and day out, and while consistency is good for their digestive systems, the same diet isn’t able to accommodate these different needs. That’s why at Recycler Pets, we stock a variety of nutritional supplements and products to help your furry loved one live their best life, no matter what tries to get in their way. Therefore we’ve compiled this list of essential spring must-haves:

  1. The Missing Link Pet Kelp Skin and Coat Formula

Pet Kelp Skin & Coat Powder (8 Ounce)Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year with all of the new blooms and growth after the rains, but just like many humans find this a difficult time of year for allergies, so can dogs. For many pets, this is easily the most itchy time of year as all of the pollen and other particles in the air can cause dry, flakey skin. That’s why Kelp is such a great supplement to combat this issue. Combined with flaxseed, this product offers the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for stronger, glossier coats and reduced skin irritation.

Regular Price: $17.99

Our Price: $13.99

Where to Buy: http://www.recyclerpets.com/pet-kelp-skin-coat-powder-8-ounce



2. The Missing Link Hip & Joint Formula

Ultimate Hip-Joint Dog (1LB)Warmer (and less cold and wet) weather finally means less time cooped up inside and more time frolicing outdoors! While our pups will happily seize the day and make the most of every moment, all that hard playing will take a toll on their bodies, but with the right nutrition we can help minimize the damage as they age. This formula contains a unique blend of vegetarian glucosamine, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phyto (plant) nutrients to promote optimal health and well-being This formula nutritionally supports healthy joints & flexibility, digestive system, immune system, skin & coat, sustained energy levels, & soft tissue, muscle, tendon & ligament function.

Regular Price: $34.19

Our Price: $27.99

Where to Buy: http://www.recyclerpets.com/missing-link-hip-joint-for-dogs-1-lb


3. Prebiotic Everyday

Probiotic Everyday (duck 3.17oz-30ct)Sometimes there is just no helping it: dogs will be dogs. And part of being a dog sometimes means eating mysterious items on the ground so fast that we their owners have no idea what they even just ate in the first place. Thankfully our pups’ tummies can handle quite a bit, but some are more sensitive to these foreign objects than others. One thing that is really helpful (and not just in the spring, by the way) to solve this problem is giving your dog live cultures of prebiotics. The good bacteria in the prebiotic will help cancel out the bad bacteria, improving both regularity and digestive function.

Regular Price: $22.45

Our Price: $17.99

Where to Buy: http://www.recyclerpets.com/probiotic-everyday-duck-317oz-30ct


Of course, there are so many amazing products out there with so many wonderful benefits, and these are only 3! To find more great finds at great prices, visit us at RecyclerPets.com!



One of the most unfortunate situations that affects many shelter animals an unstable home life. While divorce is difficult for the humans involved, it can be absolutely earth-shattering for the animals whose home becomes broken. This is what happened to Chihuahua mixes Lily and Cody, a bonded pair who came to be in an animal shelter as a result of an unfortunate home split. These two pups are now awaiting adoption at an animal shelter in Seal Beach, CA.LilyLily and Cody

Both dogs are incredibly sweet and well-mannered,  and would make great companion animals in a loving home.  Lily and Cody would do very well in a calm, loving, and safe home preferably with older children or adults. Unstable relationships need not apply 🙂

Lily and Cody are both under 6 lb, so their combined weight is the equivalent of one small dog. Their size makes them perfect for traveling around with their owner, and both dogs very much enjoy car rides!

Chihuahuas originated in Mexico and are well loved companions. They were named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where the earliest specimens of the breed were discovered. As the smallest breed in the world, their weight ranges around 3 to 6 lbs and they also have one of the longest life spans of any dog breed, living often up to around 18 years of age. Good things come in small packages, and these little, furry packages will offer many years of love and devotion!

CodyChihuahuas are alert dogs with terrier-like qualities. They are good with families if the children are gentle and patient. Because of their small size, they require little exercise and are good city dogs, but can be sensitive to cold temperatures. He can also thrive with activities in rural environments because of his hardiness. The Chihuahua is highly intelligent. Obedience training should be considered to ensure he becomes a well-behaved companion.

If you think you could provide Lily and Cody their new forever home check out the link below to find out more information from their ads on the recycler.com!

Lily’s page

Cody’s page


October Cars, Volkswagen Edition

by on October 19, 2017

October marks the start of a lot of good things. Leaves start turning orange and red, the weather becomes some of the loveliest of the year, pumpkin spice lattes and other decadent fall treats flood the market, and of course, Oktoberfest. The latter is the adult-only German festival that takes place every year in Germany featuring good brews, good food, and good times, yet those of us in the States are lucky enough to have also adopted this wonderful annual tradition. But Germany, also known for their stunningly designed and renowned automobiles, one-upped us by combining Oktoberfest with a classic car show.

While it isn’t exactly easy for us to pick up and join them for their brilliant celebration combination, which you can check out by following this link here, Recycler.com has decided to bring the classic car lovers and restoration visionaries a little glimpse into some of the German classics available in our classifieds this month. More specifically, we are looking at a few classic Volkswagens.Karmann Ghia

Cue the line up!

First up is a 1970 Karmann Ghia

This classic convertible is one of those showstopper cars when fully restored, from the sleek and unique body style to the classic ivory interior. This is the kind of car that has lots of miles of pure cruising bliss to offer.

  • Seller Description: Convertible, good engine, solid body, no rust or dents
  • Asking price: $7,900
  • Ad Page






No Volkswagen classic lineup would be complete without the Beetle

This 1966 Volkswagen Beetle has had some recent work done to it in the form of new brakes and a steering wheel and has less than 100k miles on it. These cars, whether you love them or are not your preference, will never go out of style. A cute bug with some cosmetic fixes is always a seller.

  • Seller Description: 1966 VW BEETLE, 1600 cc, carbed, registered, new brakes & steering wheel, runs good, 65K mi
  • Asking price: $4500
  • Ad Page




Here’s one you don’t see everyday: a Volkswagen Thing

Just the name alone makes those unfamiliar with this model twist the corners of their mouth up to a slight smile, which perfectly fits the funky, upbeat personality of this VW. The bright orange color alone is enough to be able to picture the bright, quirky energy of this outdoorsy car. ThingThis is the kind of car that wold be perfect for cruising along the coast for those summer beach days or touring some scenic routes.

  • Seller Description: 1974 VOLKSWAGEN THING, excellent shape, runs great!
  • Asking Price: $8500
  • Ad Page


Introducing Recycler Pets!

by on September 8, 2017

Hey, did you know you can score huge savings on pets supplies at Recycler Pets? Let the games begin!

Image result for cute pet pictures

You may have heard about www.RecyclerPets.com through social media, but do you really know what it is that we offer? Well we think it’s pretty great, and we’re confident you will too.

Related image

Our company is amongst the top retailers of pet supplies in the country. We believe in keeping your online-shopping experience simple, service oriented, full of top brands and financially rewarding. That’s why we are dedicated to supplying the largest inventory of products at discounted prices to pet owners. Whatever your pet care needs, you’ll find it here, at low, low prices, and fast, convenient delivery methods.

Take advantage of today’s special discounts!!

Whether you call yourself the owner of a dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile or some other small animal, we’ve got you covered. All the brands you know for less can be found in our store, plus many natural and homeopathic remedies and supplements to enhance your pet’s quality of life

So we invite you to take a look at what we have to offer. Whether you find something familiar for less or something new for your beloved furry friend, we are confident your pet will love our deals as much as you do!


For any experienced pet owner, the 4th of July can be a day of unbelievable stress for furry friends. While some of our furry friends can enjoy the fireworks display with us unphased, others endure a night of sheer terror. Jasmine — an elderly chihuahua mix — this holiday was especially harsh.

Jasmine 1

Yet unfortunately for Jasmine, the fireworks were the least of her problems this Independence Day. Jasmine was brought to a shelter on the 4th of July after teenagers had found her left to die on an old chair under a bypass off of the freeway. Jasmine is a senior and had somehow stumbled on to the path of an oncoming vehicle. While she was rushed to Newport Veterinary Hospital where the staff nursed her back to health, this poor baby has had a complete overhaul – dental and all.

This sweet girl has faced abandonment, being hit by a car, and extensive medical treatment, but she is a survivor. This is a dog who has earned her right to live out the rest of her days in the company of a caring, loving home and would make a great addition to a family who can giver her love and a quiet place for naps. Jasmine is a quiet yet adventurous senior, she loves a walk, to lay in the sun, or simply curl up on a bed and enjoy peace and quiet in her senior years.

Jasmine 2

Senior dogs tend to be overlooked in shelters because they are not as “cute” at first glance as a puppy or younger dog, but while their hair may be gray and their bodies old, senior dogs have a heart of gold. Jasmine is no exception.

To see Jasmine’s ad on the Recycler.com, please follow this link to Jasmine’s Ad, where you can find more information on where to find this little girl and how you can set up a meeting.


1971 Porsche 911 Strosek

by on June 29, 2017

There are few cars quite as iconic as the Porsche. So for any classic car lover, this trademark red 1971 Porsche 911 Strosek is one to feast the eyes on! porsche 1


  • Make – Porsche, Model – 911
  • Mileage – 77797, Drivetrain – RWD
  • Price – $49,998

porsche 2


1971 Porsche 911 PORSCHE 911 STROSEK EDITION from a used theft recovery, 77,977 original actual miles confirmed on the title, Private Party, Coupe, 6 Cyl, Red, Black, Excellent cond, Manual, RWD, 2 Doors, numbers matching/rebuilt 5 speed trans/rebuilt axles/alloys/new Bilstein shocks/dual triple throat Weber carbs/10k Candy Red paint/Spotless interior/Smog Exempt $29,998.00

Check out what’s under the hood!

porsche 3

To contact the seller. check out the ad on www.Recycler.com!


Life is full of twists, turns, change and the unexpected. There are many different reasons that can bring us to look for new and different directions, and at some point in just about every person’s life comes one particular obstacle: finding a new home. Whether you are starting a family, relocating for work or school, beginning a new adventure or even returning to your hometown, finding a new place to call home involves a lot of big decisions and the search can be overwhelming. There are many places to look to find a home, but what you might not have realized is that the Recycler.com is one of them.

At Recycler.com you can find a nationwide database of listings for places to buy, rent or share, whether you may be looking for a house, condo, apartment, or even a roomshare. You can filter your search by area, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, pet allowance and more, and easily compare prices and view photos of the listings.

Foe instance, check out this beautiful 3 bedr00m, 2 bath home in San Antonio, Texas:

home 1 home 1 2 home 1 3

This newly updated home features ceramic tile throughout the living room and mud room and new laminate flooring in the bedrooms. It has a nice open floor plan, a good-sized backyard and a covered patio. This is the kind of home you could have room to grow in with your family or entertain your family and friends. Best of all, this home is listed as a rental for only $950 per month!


Or, perhaps your tastes are more for the life of luxury. The Recycler.com can help you out with that, too. Just check out this listing for this apartment complex in Long Beach, California:

apt 7 apt 5 apt 6 apt 4 apt 3 apt 1 apt 2

Gorgeous, right? And just read these amenities:

Hardwood Flooring
High Ceilings
WiFi Broadband
Central A/C
Int. Access Available
Window Treatment
Close to Public Transportation
WWW Access via Broadband
Street Parking
Onsite Spa
Luxury Amenities
Bus. Center On-Site
Available Swimming Pool
Kitchen Disposal
Close to Highway
Dish Washer
Tile Flooring
Onsite Storage
Controlled Access
Kitchen Microwave
Fitness Club
Nice View
Includes Carpeted Floors
Clothes Washing In-Unit
Court Yard
Units Available with Furniture


European Style Cabinetry
Lavishly Furnished Outdoor Living Space W/ Firepit
Resort Inspired Rooftop Pool with Ocean Views
Community BBQ Area w/ Outdoor Dining
Skyline Terrace
Electric Vehicle Charging Station

So whatever you’re looking for, be sure to take a peek at the listings available at the Recycler.com the next time you are ready to find your perfect home!



Cute-As-A-Button Blaire

by on March 30, 2017

blair 1

You have to admit, anything that cute is hard to resist.

Blair was brought into the shelter (BARC) in June 2016 with a gunshot wound to her front right leg. It just so happened another volunteer was there picking up another dog (Cecil), and the rescue couldn’t leave without her. Blair is around a year old and weighs just 20 lbs.

Blair was severely anemic and running a high fever. She was rushed to the vet where she needed an immediate blood transfusion. Her leg was fractured where the bullet passed through. Blair had surgery to remove the bone fragments and then a hard cast on her leg for the next month. We feared she would have nerve damage to her foot, but she has recovered like a champ!

Thanks to a wonderful foster home, she is now a happy and adorable girl, who is ready to find her happy forever.

blair 2

Blair sporting a striped bandana (right)

Blair was rescued on the same day as Cecil, who had extensive injuries from being hit by a car. They have become very close recovering together in their foster home! (https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/36768321) Ideally, the shelter is looking for the perfect home that will adopt and love both of them. If you have room for double the love, please email adopt@redcollar.org.

Check out Blair’s Recycler.com ad HERE

Age: 1 yrs
Weight: 20 lbs
Dogs? ok
Kids? ok
Cats? unknown – probably OK
Needs foster? no